In 2002 Ernst founded Vent Productions after he graduated from the prestigious Directing Program of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. The plan was and still is to deliver films to the marketplace with a strong voice and unique stories well told.

Through his label Ernst produced several shorts and in 2007 the feature debut and character-driven drama SOUTH OF PICO (SOP). SOP went on to win many festivals all over the world. After a bidding war at its premiere SOP was sold to US distributor Image Entertainment and subsequently to several more territories in the world. SOUTH OF PICO was released theatrically in the US and Europe. But Vent Productions is also home to documentaries. GLOBAL WARNING - A Journey Into War was released as a Day-And-Date-Release in 2011.

Recently Vent Productions produced the WWI epic THE SILENT MOUNTAIN with William Moseley, Eugenia Costantini, Claudia Cardinale and Fritz Karl. THE SILENT MOUNTAIN is sold worldwide by Premiere Entertainment Group, Los Angeles.